Querida Dra. Polo: Las cartas secretas de Caso Cerrado

(Dear Dr. Polo: The Secret Letters of "Caso Cerrado")

Dra. Ana María Polo

A través de un formato epistolar, la Dra. Ana María Polo nos ofrece un dramático retrato de vidas sin respuestas. Son los casos desesperados de quienes le escriben a la espera de un espacio en su programa o una solución a sus problemas, pero cuyos relatos son demasiado explícitos, extraordinarios, o desgarradores para la pantalla televisiva. Cada uno recibe aquí la respuesta de la Dra. Polo. Una respuesta honesta, directa y a veces dura, pero siempre con el cariño y la sensibilidad que caracteriza a la Dra. Ana María Polo.

English Description:

#1 TV Personality on Spanish Television with the 4 highest-ranked shows in primetime!

Welcome to a secret world, a place where passion, obsession, and the most startling human perversions come together to create a labyrinth of lust and pain, of hope, love, and, sometimes, even humor. From this gray area, where the lines between right and wrong have been blurred, thousands of people write to Dr. Ana Maria Polo. Sometimes, because of their explicit content, the letters are vetoed for airing on television. Now, in her sensational new book, Dra. Polo presents  some of these censored letters.

Caught in a whirlwind they cannot escape, many troubled people reach out to Dr. Polo, the acclaimed television jurist, in the hope that her common sense and unerring ability to find justice and forgiveness can help them find their way.

You may find the contents of this book shocking. But  the stirring humanity of those seeking help will make you cry and laugh, and will help you understand what Dr. Polo knows only too well: everyone of us has been in a place in which we never expected to find ourselves. It’s when we ask for help that we can often find a way out of  almost any situation.

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Latin TV Personality
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Portada de Querida Dra. Polo: Las cartas secretas de Caso Cerrado


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